Thursday, January 5, 2012


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 Welcome to REFIT.
REFIT is not a fitness program, but it is most definitely a fitness concept.  A revolutionary concept, if we may be so bold.  Here's the thing:  We love Jesus.  We love people.  We love fitness.  Our goal is to connect these three concepts together in a unique way that moves people towards a healthier lifestyle and re-fuels faith.  We accomplish these goals through the intentional relationships with our participants using the vehicle of physical fitness.  

REFIT PURPOSE:  We believe that choice is a catalyst for change, and that change is the catalyst for revolutionary impact.  Choice+Change+Impact

REFIT MISSION:  to revolutionize the concept of fitness by valuing authentic community, faith-inspired living, and whole-person emphasis.

REFIT VISION:  to bridge the gap between cultural, religious and societal borders by shifting fitness and faith paradigms.

The journey we're on wouldn't be possible or enjoyable without YOU.  Thank you for loving us, supporting us and encouraging us to relentlessly pursue our dreams and goals.  

Let's Get REFIT.

With gratitude,
Angela, Catherine & Emily